Just for Faculty

Below are the most commonly used ITS tools and resources for faculty. To view all of our services, go to Browse Services.

Use MSetup to register and connect your devices to the MWireless or eduroam campus network. You can also use MGuest, a limited WiFi network that does not require a uniqname and password.

For Teaching & Student Engagement

  • Canvas Keep track of your academic life with U-M's learning management system.
  • Faculty Center
    Manage your classes and academic advisory activity from the Faculty Center. Access the Faculty Center from the new Wolverine Access, under Faculty Business.
  • MiVideo
    Use MiVideo to organize, catalog, share, search, and publish multimedia content.
  • ExamScan
    ExamScan converts handwritten and graded exams to digital form, allowing instructors to return exams electronically and retain access permanently. It saves time for students and instructors and improves academic integrity. It is especially valuable in large classes.
  • Request Specialty Course Software
    Instructors can request specialty software to be available on Campus Computing Sites computers for your course. When making your request, please keep in mind the end-of-term Campus Computing Sites software environment freeze schedule.
  • Reserve Computing Classroom
    Campus Computing offers several classrooms that can be reserved for instructional purposes.
  • Teaching Remotely
    Use our Remote Resource Guide - Teaching & Student Engagement for information about all the services and tools available to help you educate and engage from a distance.
  • Instructional Accessibility Tips
    Ensure your digital content is accessible to students with disabilities by following these instructional accessibility tips.
  • Academic Technology Consultation
    ITS Teaching & Learning offers consultation services in many areas including learning system integrations, evaluation and piloting of learning tools, use of learning tools to enhance student engagement and learning assessment, and use of video for instruction and learning activities.

For Research

  • Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS)
    ARC-TS provides access to—and support for—advanced computing resources. ARC-TS facilitates new and more powerful approaches to research challenges in fields ranging from physics to linguistics, and from engineering to medicine.
  • High Speed Networks for Research
    Data intensive science requires a mix of compute, storage, and networking technologies, and, depending on your algorithm and funding, you may use a mix of on- or off-campus resources.
  • Data Storage Finder
    Browse and compare data storage options, including high-powered computing and large file storage options, available through ITS.
  • Statistical or Other Complex Computation
    • Login Service - A shared pool of Linux machines with pre-installed software, including Pine, vi, compilers, and SSH.
    • ITS Statistics and Computation Service - A set of Linux-based servers for computationally intensive or long-running programs. Advanced statistical and mathematical software is available.
  • eResearch
    Visit the eResearch website to learn about research proposals and regulatory processes, and how to review and complete project/grant award submissions, research proposals, and regulatory compliance applications.
  • MReports
    Use MReports to create and view research and project grant reports and up-to-date financial statuses.