Slack at U-M

Slack at U-M (U-M Slack) is a collaboration tool that enhances workgroup communications. It provides a searchable platform for individuals and groups to chat in real-time, share content, and keep conversations organized and accessible from anywhere, anytime. U-M Slack accounts are available to all active faculty, staff, students, and type one sponsored affiliates on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses and Michigan Medicine.

Note: Alumni and retirees currently using Facebook Workplace are not eligible to create U-M Slack accounts.

U-M Slack includes:

  • Dedicated channels or workspaces for individual topics, courses, projects, or teams.
  • Searchable history in all channels.
  • Ability to share content.
  • Slack Huddles for live conversations.
  • Slack Connect for easy communication with external Slack workspaces. 

Sensitive Data with Slack

U-M Slack can be used for certain kinds of sensitive data detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide. Approved sensitive data may only be shared in private channels or via direct messages, not in public channels. You are responsible for using Slack appropriately and ensuring appropriate precautions for all kinds of sensitive data in U-M Slack.