Microsoft Office 365 at U-M

U-M Google is the recommended and fully supported service for collaboration at the University of Michigan.

U-M Microsoft Office 365 is available to all active faculty, staff, students, emeritus, and Type-1 and Type-2 sponsored affiliates. Alumni and retirees are not included in the university's licensing terms with Microsoft. For more information, refer to Microsoft 365: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M.

The ITS Service Center offers only limited support for Microsoft Office 365

Support is limited to helping you access the Office 365 productivity apps via your account. If you have questions or need assistance beyond access, please visit Microsoft Office Support.

Although additional Microsoft services may be available for use with your Microsoft 365 account, these services do not come with institutional support and should not be used for critical university business, research, or educational use cases.

Sensitive Data

Microsoft Office 365 at U-M may not be used with sensitive university data, with the exception of Student Education Records (regulated by FERPA). Refer to the Sensitive Data Guide for more information.

Michigan Medicine

The Microsoft 365 service for Michigan Medicine is managed separately to meet the organization’s regulatory, contractual, and security requirements. More information can be found through HITS. The ITS-managed Microsoft 365 service for academic campuses is not permitted for Michigan Medicine business, education, patient care, or research use. Data or accounts created in Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive in the ITS-managed service cannot be migrated to the Michigan Medicine environment.


Refer to Microsoft’s accessibility page for Microsoft 365 apps for more information.