Install or Request Additional Software for MiWorkspace

Computers supported by MiWorkspace have a standard software set installed. Your computer will also have software installed for your unit or team.

Free and University-Licensed Software

The Software Center for Windows and Managed Software Center for Macs provide free and university-licensed software for you to download without requiring administrative access, approvals, or deskside support. The application catalog is customized for your unit.

Specialty Software by Request

You may request additional software if you don’t find the application you need in the standard software package or available as an on-demand download. Request additional software by contacting the ITS Service Center. Depending on cost, license availability, or other factors, the ITS Service Center may contact the software approver in your unit.

On-Demand Software


RemoteApp provides access to university-licensed, Windows applications from any device with an internet connection, including your device supported by MiWorkspace and personal Windows or Mac computer. Available software is customized for your unit, and includes Microsoft Office and several internet browsers.

See RemoteApp Setup instructions for more information: