MiDesktop offers a highly available and secure environment while drastically reducing the complexity and cost of deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

The Service provides:

  • Unified desktops for a wide range of use cases including secure data access, remote access, lab and classroom loadset and image refresh, designed by you.
  • Desktops may be accessed by your users from any device, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, thin clients and zero clients.
  • Fully managed enterprise services. ITS manages the operations of the underlying infrastructure, while providing best-in-class service, support, and SLEs.
  • HIPAA Compliance for sensitive workloads.
  • Available GPU acceleration hardware for graphic-intensive workloads.

Customers are responsible for obtaining, installing, and managing their own operating system image (including any licensing and application software), from which pools of virtual desktops are then created.