MiWorkspace Offboarding

Note that effective May 12, 2020, units are no longer required to submit a request to offboard an employee that is leaving the university. MiWorkspace will use a weekly report of HR data to create offboarding requests for faculty and staff (both regular and temp, including student temps). If a staff or faculty member is transferring departments, an Offboarding Request is still required to be submitted.

If you find that an offboarding hasn’t been created as expected, please contact the ITS Service Center to report the issue.

The offboarding process deprovisions network access, personal and departmental storage, printing, and hardware with appropriate software (if applicable). If the employee is moving to a different unit, their access will be appropriately updated.

Please note that automatic offboarding only applies to MiWorkspace, and additional offboarding tasks may be required by your unit. For information regarding removing access to enterprise administrative and data systems, see Requesting and Removing OARS Access.