Submit a MiWorkspace Onboarding Request for New Employees

Submit an onboarding request to provide your unit’s new employees with the computing resources and access required to get started on their first day. The onboarding process provisions network access, personal and departmental storage, printing, and hardware with appropriate software (if needed). The onboarding process and form is available to units who subscribe to the MiWorkspace service.

An onboarding request should be submitted for all new employees (regular and temporary) as soon as you have information or at least 3 business days before the employee’s start date. Please submit a request for all new employees, including transfers from other units and those do not need a computer.

Hiring managers, human resources staff members, unit IT staff members, or administrative assistants may initiate the onboarding process by:

The following basic information is required to start a new employee onboarding request:

  • New employee’s name and uniqname
  • Department and primary work location
  • Hiring manager name and a contact name (if different than hiring manager)
  • Start date

Please provide as much information as possible when submitting a new employee onboarding request. We will follow up to gather the following information if is not known at the time of the original request.

  • Hardware requirements (see recommended hardware)
  • Additional software requirements (see standard software package)
  • Shortcode and approver for hardware and software purchases
  • Access to Michigan Medicine resources
  • VIP designation request and/or administrative access to machine

You may check the status of the request after you submit it by visiting My Ticket Requests (U-M login required). If you have any questions about the process or the information required for a request, please contact the ITS Service Center.