Manage Software & Security Updates

Most updates can be completed at your convenience and do not impact how you use your computer or software. However, occasionally an update may require an action once it is installed or may impact how you use an application. In these situations, you will receive an email with detailed information from U-M Information and Technology Services.

We recommend logging off to allow updates to install at least once a week.

About Software & Security Updates

All updates are tested for compatibility and satisfactory performance. Significant updates are released to a beta testers group prior to release to all devices.

Update Release Schedule

Regular software updates are released weekly to both Windows and Mac devices at the following times:

  • Mac — Thursday between 6:30–8:30 p.m.
  • Windows — Thursday between 6:30–9:30 p.m.

Occasionally updates will be released outside of the normal schedule. For example, updates addressing severe security vulnerabilities are released as soon as they are available.

Types of Updates

There are two types of updates:

  • Required updates have an installation deadline. The update will install automatically if not completed by the deadline. (e.g., security updates)
  • Available updates may be installed at any convenient time. While you may choose not to install optional updates, outdated software may not be supported. (e.g., most software updates)

Software Center for Windows

Use the Software Center to download and install software and weekly updates without the need for administrative access. 

To receive updates:

  • Restart when prompted with a notification from the Software Center in the system tray. You may choose to delay restarting until you are ready.
  • Log off your computer once a week.

Learn about using the Software Center

Managed Software Center for Macs

Use the Managed Software Center to download and install software and weekly updates on-demand without the need for administrative rights. Software updates are released every Thursday and are available to download Friday morning.

Learn more about using Managed Software Center