Prepare for a New Computer

Units replace computers supported by MiWorkspace on a planned cycle based on device age, funding, and other factors. Replacing old computers is important for improving security, reducing support costs, and most importantly, keeping you productive and compatible with current software and technology.

When your computer is eligible to be replaced, you will receive an email from Neighborhood IT asking you to confirm your current computer details and location, and review your new computer order. At this time, your unit may also give you the option to select new accessories (keyboard, mouse, etc) and software.

As many of you continue to work remotely, MiWorkspace currently offers both on-campus and @Home delivery options for receiving and setting up new computers.

On-Campus Setup

Your computer will be delivered to your campus location by Neighborhood IT. When your new computer arrives, we will ask you to schedule a time for us to transfer data to your new computer and meet with you to go over what’s new. We will take time to make sure you have the software and data you need to continue working.

View instructions for preparing your data to transfer to a new computer.

@Home Setup

When using MiWorkspace’s @Home service, new Windows or Mac computers can be shipped directly to your home. Unbox, go through a brief on-screen setup to connect to your home WiFi, and configure your account. The computer then downloads your U-M software and unit-specific configuration.