Store, Access & Back Up Data on MiWorkspace

Use the Data Storage Finder and the Sensitive Data Guide to determine the best location to save your files.

Home Directory and Department Drives

Your home directory and department drives can be accessed using your device anywhere with an internet connection. Learn about working remotely.

  • Home Directory – Your home directory (or “U: Drive”) provides space for personal document storage.
  • Department Drives – Your unit or group may use one or more department drives to save and share documents.

Previous versions of files stored in your home directory and department drives are backed up in case you accidentally delete a file or want to restore an earlier draft of a document. Contact the ITS Service Center if you need help accessing previous versions or deleted files.

Storing Personal Files

Store files unrelated to work in the Personal and Private folder in your home directory. If the folder is missing, create a new folder named “Personal and Private.”

  • Windows: U:\Personal and Private
  • Mac: Finder/Go/Home/Personal and Private

The Personal and Private folder helps the university to respect your privacy and helps you comply with the Standard Practice Guide policy 601.11 - Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records. MiWorkspace Security Scans exclude items stored in your Personal and Private folder.

Cloud Storage

Use the cloud storage options provided by ITS:

Desktop Backup (powered by Code42)

Desktop Backup is available at no charge to all UM-Ann Arbor campus faculty and all MiWorkspace subscribers. Units not supported by MiWorkspace can also request Desktop Backup for support staff and students as a toll service.

  • Saving files to locations that are not backed up (e.g., desktop for Windows 10, certain local drives or special folders on the C: drive).
  • Using a Windows computer supported by MiWorkspace primarily on non-UM networks (e.g., computers used in remote offices and by telecommuters).
  • Using a computer that is not supported by MiWorkspace and therefore is not protected by standard backup mechanisms.

Learn more about Desktop Backup. Contact the ITS Service Center to request Desktop Backup for your device.