Core Network Circuit Rates and Billing

With the new core network that was installed on campus in 2021, ITS can now provide connections to the core at substantially lower prices than we could in the past. This page will  help unit leaders and ITS Infrastructure Project Managers estimate the cost of the service.

Core Rates for FY24

100 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone Core Port to a core router is estimated at $2,400 for time and materials. There will also be a monthly recurring charge for the fiber circuit required from the core location to the end point where the equipment being connected is located. Fixed and estimated variable costs are listed below. Please contact your Unit's ITS Infrastructure Project Manager to finalize the rates for your unit.

Equipment Billing Code Estimated charges for effort, time and materials Fiber Monthly Charges 
Shallow Buffer (100G)
$2,400.00 $0.01/foot per strand
Deep Buffer (100G)
$2,400.00 $0.01/foot per strand

On Campus Fiber

ITS will work with your unit to set up the fiber circuit which may require installing fiber. Cost will vary based on the amount of fiber needed, the location on campus, and whether work needs to be done within the building to reach the equipment being connected. Building up the core network circuit with fiber is an additional variable cost and is billed separately. Please refer to fiber cost for rate information.

Note: ITS is currently reviewing the Core Network Circuit Rates for Data Centers. Rates will be posted on the Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC) website and on this page when the new rates have been finalized.

For information about off-campus rates, refer to the Off-Campus Connections page.