WiFi & Networks

ITS Networks are designed to handle the daily traffic that faculty, staff, and students require, the high speed and bandwidth that campus researchers need to connect on campus and across the globe, and customized changes that unit leadership may wish to make in their buildings.

Note: ITS does not support networking in private residences.

  • WiFi
    Communicate through wireless networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    The ITS VPN service creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the U-M network. It enables access to university resources from untrusted networks.
  • Device Compatibility Guide
    Find information about which electronic devices can be connected to the campus network.
  • Housing Network Device Registration
    You must register all devices that you connect to the wired network in U-M residence halls.
  • Northwood Network Services
    Northwood Networks provide internet, telephone, and cable television to Northwood Community Apartments.
  • Network Speed Testing
    Tests the speed of a stable network connection.

Networking for Connecting Globally

  • Michigan Innovation Network (MiNet)
    A high speed data network for research and education points throughout Michigan and around the world.
  • Merit Network
    A member-owned organization providing networking and IT services to education, government, healthcare, and other non-profit institutions.
  • OmniPoP
    A high speed fiber optic network connecting campus and worldwide research hubs.
  • Internet2
    An international collection of high performance data networks.

U-M is committed to making the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure. The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security, also known as MANRS, helps secure the network from route hijacking, route leaks and IP address spoofing.

Networking for Researchers

Data intensive science requires a mix of compute, storage, and networking technologies. ITS is committed that our network should never be the bottleneck to your research needs. Learn more about Networking for Researchers.

Networking for Unit Leaders

  • Core Network
    The Campus Core Network (Backbone) is architected for speed, reliability, capacity, and redundancy to handle daily traffic and high speed and bandwidth for campus research.
  • In-Building Networks
    In-Building Networks are architected to handle the unique wireless and wired networking needs for each unit across campus.
  • Network Tools
    Network tools are available to unit and neighborhood IT professionals to assist in monitoring and maintaining the in-building networks they help support.
  • Network Security
    Network Standards & Policies, Network Border Infrastructure System, and Firewall services to provide protection for units on the Ann Arbor campus.
  • Network Enhancements
    Campus networking experts are constantly enhancing our on campus networks and off campus research and education network connections to improve speed and capacity needed by faculty, staff, students, and accommodate high end research needs.
  • ITS Service Metrics
    Service metrics are an important tool for ITS service owners, managers, and leadership to evaluate how services are performing.
  • Domain Name Requests
    Domain name assignments for University of Michigan websites.

Additional Information