MACC Rates & Billing

University of Michigan MACC tenants have access to detailed billing statements. University of Michigan affiliated MACC tenants should contact the DCO Services to request billing information.

The MACC is owned by the university and operated by the ITS Data Center Operations staff. 

Units are responsible for paying a fair portion of the fixed and variable costs for the space and electrical costs they incur. 


Internal Customers

Allocated kW Monthly Annually
Up to 6 kW $355 $4,260
6 kW–12 kW $449 $5,386
Over 12 kW $675 $8,101

External Customers

Allocated kW Monthly Annually
Up to 6 kW $414 $4,967
6 kW–12 kW N/A N/A
Over 12 kW N/A N/A
Actual electrical usage is a variable cost and is billed separately. Electrical costs vary based on kW hours used per month and DTE rates.

Additional Funding for the MACC

The MACC was initially funded by the Regents and sponsored by the Provost’s Office. Provost sponsorship included initial funding for the construction, and an ongoing annual operational subsidy to incent university units to work cooperatively within shared data center facilities.


Once fixed and variable charges are calculated, they are aggregated by rack and customer and billed at a unit level monthly via the University Service Unit Billing System. Units may, in turn, bill individual customers for their portion of this bill.

ITS tracks these electrical usage and charges on a monthly basis and publishes a Billing Detail document that calculates the charges for each customer. 

Billing begins on the month that a customer draws electricity in the MACC for their equipment.