Network Tools

Network tools are available to unit and neighborhood IT professionals to assist in monitoring and maintaining the in-building networks they help support. Access to these tools may require an on-campus or VPN connection. Tools include:

  • Fluke & Tone Testing Tools
    Many unit and neighborhood IT professionals have purchased a Network Fluke tool to locate a network switch, the port on a switch, and VLAN information.
  • BlueCat
    Issue and manage IP addresses to device on the university campus networks.
  • Device Configuration Tool (DCT)
    Perform basic port maintenance tasks on network switches.
  • Netdisco
    Locate devices on the network and where they are connected using MAC or IP address. Search by device vendor, switch, IP address, MAC address, or generate a report of used and unused IP addresses in a subnet.
  • Network Information Database (NetInfo)
    Review information on university networks, including: network name, IP subnet ranges, VLAN ID, physical location, description/purpose, and contact information for network hosts.
  • Intermapper
    Check the status of most network devices on campus. Review network maps by building and a list of all current and recent outages. 
  • Network Reports
    Additional network reports are available, including: