In-Building Networks

The University of Michigan campus in-buidling networks are architected for speed, reliability, capacity, and redundancy to handle the wireless and wired networking needs of unit faculty, staff, and students in a particular building. In-building networks include:

  • Wireless Networks (WiFi)
    In-building wireless (WiFi) networks allow faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and guests to communicate through wireless local area networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices. ITS supports four wireless networks on campus, MWireless, MSetup, MGuest, and eduroam. The current standard for wireless connections is 802.11ac which typically provides connectivity between 100–200Mbps.
  • Wired Networks (Ethernet Connections)
    Wired (Ethernet) network connections are available through data jacks in offices, classrooms, lab spaces, and other areas. The current standard for wired connections is 1Gbps to the telecommunication closet. 10 GB Network Connections are also available. See In-Building 10GbE Rates and Billing for more information.
    Note: Some buildings still have 10 or 100 Mbps connections based on their current network wiring and/or hardware. Wired connections are automatically set to the highest speed supported by the combination of cabling and device connected.
  • Telecommunications Closets
    One or more telecommunications closets per floor house network switches which are connected into one or more Distribution Layer Switches. The current standard for these connections is 1Gbps.
    Note: Some buildings have elected to connect network switches to the DLS at 10Gbps or higher.
  • In-Building Network Enhancements
    Unit leaders determine which wireless and wired enhancements they wish to make to their buildings based on their teaching, learning, clinical, or administrative needs.
    Note: The Office of the Provost provided one-time capital funding for the upgrade of the campus WiFi in 275 buildings. Ongoing funding to maintain and upgrade equipment in the future is the responsibility of individual units.

Resources which may be helpful to unit leaders as they request enhancements or budget for building construction or renovation include:

In-Building Service Agreements

ITS maintains service agreements with campus units which provide operation, administration, maintenance, software upgrades, and repair of standard wired and wireless networks. These also provide for changes and additions to the service.