Network Addresses

UMNet Administration coordinates the networking infrastructure and network numbers. A Standard Practice Guide policy for Internet Addressing: IP Address Standards provides information about addressing at the university.

  • The addresses listed below are external IP addresses which are reachable from inside and outside the university.
  • For information on private IP addressing (e.g., addresses which are reachable only inside the university), refer to Private IP Network Numbers.
  • Michigan Medicine network IP addresses of 141.214.x.y are administered by Health Information Technology & Services.
IPv4 Range Network Contact Ann Arbor (Guest, Unauthenticated) Users should not be considered university faculty, staff, or students. is divided as follows:
  • - MGuest wireless users
  • - Eduroam wireless and UMNet guest users
  • - UMNet guest users
  • - Michigan Medicine guest users
Ann Arbor (UMNet Authenticated Wireless)
Users are considered university faculty, staff, or students.
UMNet Ann Arbor (IoT Network) Users are considered university faculty, staff, or students. UMNet LSA Earth and Environmental Sciences - Camp Davis (Jackson, WY) Camp Davis Staff Ann Arbor (UMNet, Unauthenticated Wireless and Residence Halls) UMNet Ann Arbor (UMNet) UMNet
Ann Arbor (College of Engineering) CAEN Ann Arbor (UMNet) UMNet Ann Arbor (Michigan Medicine) HITS Dearborn Dearborn Flint Flint Backbone Interconnect (UMBIN - interconnects UMNet, Michigan Medicine, Dearborn, and Merit) UMNet Ann Arbor (UMNet NOC) UMNet Ann Arbor (IP Telephony and Network Infrastructure) UMNet
Biological Station (Pellston, MI) Biological Station Staff Ann Arbor (ITS Infrastructure Interoperability Lab) UMNet Ann Arbor (Michigan Medicine public-facing servers) HITS Alumni Association - Camp Michigania (Boyne City) Camp Michigania Staff Ann Arbor (UMNet WAN-connected off-campus networks) UMNet
IPv6 Range Network


2607:F018::/32 Ann Arbor (allocated as shown below) UMNet
2607:F018::/33 UMNet UMNet
2607:F018:C000::/35 Michigan Medicine HITS
2607:F018:E000::/35 Special Networks UMnet