ITS AI Release Notes

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February 22, 2024

  • The following Python packages were updated:
    • Langchain-core
    • Langchain-community


  • U-M GPT and Maizey have been optimized to increase reliability and reduce hung states or timeouts that prevent a response.
  • Fixed an issue where certain browsers showed multiple scrollbars in the conversations window.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded GPT-4 to GPT-4 Turbo.
    • GPT-4 Turbo can generate high-quality text, answer questions, and engage in conversation with improved fluency and context understanding.
    • GPT-4 Turbo has an updated knowledge cutoff, extending its awareness of events up to April 2023. 
    • GPT-4 Turbo introduces a 128k context window, equivalent to about 300 pages of text in a single prompt, allowing it to maintain a broader context during conversations. 
  • Enhancement: Adjusted display of the textbox in mobile browsers to eliminate the need for scrolling.


  • New Feature: The DALL-E 3 model is now available in U-M GPT, allowing you to generate accurate, highly-detailed, photorealistic images based on text descriptions.
    • U-M GPT users are limited to five images per hour.
    • Learn more about DALL-E 3, including an overview of features and tips to improve your experience.

February 8, 2024

  • U-M GPT / Maizey have been optimized to increase reliability and reduce hung states or timeouts that prevent a response.
  • Enhancement: Added a math equation and code formatter.
    • Math equations and code are now properly formatted in responses.
    • For example, ask to show code in Python or math equations in KaTex or LaTex.

U-M GPT examples showing Python code, KaTex and LaTex equations.



  • Enhancement: Added a pop-up warning when changing the Chain option.
    • When changing the Chain option between Retrieval QA and Conversational QA, a warning now displays notifying users that making the change will reset their System Prompt.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue where Tab and spacebar keyboard commands wouldn’t correctly toggle the Private Project option when creating a new project.  
  • Fixed an issue where projects using Canvas as a data source would fail to index if the Description field was left blank in the Canvas Syllabus tool.

January 25, 2024

The following Python packages were updated:

  • langchain
  • openai

Fixed an issue where conversation history would sometimes not display correctly in the left sidebar.


  • New Feature: Conversational QA
    • A Conversational QA option has been added to the Choose a Chain field within AI Settings.
    • Conversational QA allows Maizey to reference the previous chat history when it responds to a query.
  • Enhancement: Change Shortcodes
  • Enhancement: Billing dashboard
    • The Billing dashboard has been updated to improve usability.
  • Fixed an issue where Maizey would automatically retry indexing if it failed.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to click the Index button.
  • Fixed an issue on the main Maizey Projects page where the pop-up menu (accessed by clicking the three dots) would sometimes be obscured.

January 11, 2024


New Feature: Chat Export

December 19, 2023


New Feature: Billing Dashboard

  • We have incorporated a new feature, the Billing Dashboard, into Maizey. This addition allows users to monitor the accumulated project costs for the current month, or for a custom date range, from within your Maizey project.

Enhancement: Canvas Connector  

  • The Canvas Connector has been significantly improved to directly import users from the selected Canvas course, eliminating the need for MCommunity groups.
  • All students enrolled in a Canvas course are now automatically granted access to the corresponding Maizey project.
  • Users with assigned Teacher roles in Canvas are now automatically granted the ability to edit their Canvas projects within Maizey.

December 7, 2023

The following Python package was updated:

  • Langchain


  • Fixed an issue where after creating a Maizey project, editing the System Prompt would cause it to reset to the default text.

November 30, 2023


  • You can now select Dropbox as a data source for a Maizey project.
    • The following file types are supported: md, htm, html, docx, xls, xlsx, pptx, pdf, rtf, and txt.
    • Maizey can index any Dropbox folders you have access to (i.e., you are not required to be an owner of the folder).
  • Added additional accessibility enhancements.
  • Fixed an issue where Maizey would keep displaying data sources even after toggling off the Return Data Sources option.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to index a data source if it failed the first time.
  • After clicking the Index Data button, users are now notified that the indexing process has started.  

November 16, 2023

The following Python packages were updated:

  • langchain


  • Increased rate limits for GPT 3.5


  • Fixed an issue where AI Settings were not savable.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Index Data multiple times created a backlog of tasks.

November 9, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with responses being covered by the chat box.
  • Fixed an issue preventing U-M GPT and Maizey from working correctly in the Safari web browser.    


  • The Maizey user interface has been redesigned for an improved user experience.
    • Your Maizey homepage now displays all Shared and Private projects, allowing you to easily find and make changes to existing projects.
    • Redesigned common workflows to make them more efficient and intuitive.
    • Improved on-screen help text to better clarify project configuration options and fields.
    • Improved accessibility to be optimized for compatibility with common assistive technologies.
    • Improved functionality on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the View Data Source option from working correctly for projects using public URLs as the data source.

October 19, 2023

  • Temporary staff now have access to U-M GPT and U-M Maizey.
  • The Langchain Python package was updated.


  • Two new fields have been added when you create a new Maizey project.
    • Viewer Group displays MCommunity Groups for which you are a member. Members of this group can use the AI tool you create.
    • Owner Group displays MCommunity Groups for which you are an owner. Owners of this group can edit the Maizey project you create. 
    • Existing Maizey projects will still use the original rules and permissions associated with the MCommunity group selected when the project was created. Group owners can edit the Maizey project, and group members can use the AI tool you created.
  • Enhancements made to improve indexing speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Personal Projects were not showing on the Check Task Results page.

October 12, 2023

The following Python packages were updated:

  • Langchain


  • Added feature allowing Personal projects.
    • Users will not need to create an MCommunity group to create a Personal project.
    • Personal projects are only editable / viewable by the creator and cannot be shared.
  • Error messages will automatically be removed after a set period of time.

October 4, 2023


  • Fixed issue where responses would display in incorrect order.
  • Textbox improvements.


  • Canvas Connector now indexes connected lecture recording sites from the CAEN Lecture Recording system.
  • A new View Data Source button has been added, which takes you to the URL of the data source used for your project.
  • Rate limits have been increased.
  • Fixed issue where Canvas data sources were not displayed correctly.
  • Added descriptive error messages when project or AI Settings are missing.
  • Fixed issue where the project would not be viewable if the data source is empty.
  • Removed extra trailing parentheses that were showing in returned Maizey sources.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect Creator name would display in the footer when editing a project.  

September 28, 2023

  • Updates were made to help prevent client caching issues after new releases.
  • The following Python packages were updated:
    • Langchain


  • Fixed an issue where some URL’s were not being indexed.

September 21, 2023

  • Fixed issue so that the chat box no longer overlays on top of a response.


  • Fixed issue where users were unable to view projects they had been granted access to.
  • Fixed issue where locked modules in Canvas would prevent Maizey from indexing the course. Maizey will now skip locked modules and continue indexing the rest of the course.
  • Fixed issue where users were asked to allow Gmail access when indexing from Google Drive. Users will now only be asked to allow Google Drive access.

September 14, 2023

  • Mobile-friendly UI changes for a more responsive layout
  • Fixed visual artifacts resulting from CSS overflow issues
  • Source links now open in a new tab
  • Large-scale frontend rewrite to address technical debt and improve performance/usability
    • Better WebSocket lifespan handling
    • Significant long-term maintainability improvements to client side codebase
      • Simplifies syntax
      • Addresses a variety of smaller issues / bugs
      • Reduces file volume and code sprawl / duplication
  • Bumped npm dependencies to latest compatible 
  • Bumped Python dependencies to latest compatible


  • Updated to use GPT 4 instead of GPT 3.5
  • Added ability to set a project name/slug during project creation and project configuration; pre-existing projects will have their name/slug defaulted to their generated GUID
  • Fixed issue where default AI settings are not set on initial project configuration
  • Fixed issue where certain PDFs would cause a canvas course to not be indexed.
  • Fixed issue where role could not be checked for a project where the user was not an owner or a member (i.e. public-facing)
  • Fixed project permissions when creating a new project and using an MCommunity group where you are an owner but not a member
  • Added ability to conditionally list projects that a person has access to configure
  • Added features for better handling for unauthorized/unready views:
    • Non-published sites will not be accessible through the slug or configuration URLs to non-owners or when the project is indexing
    • Public, open-to-all sites will not show on the list projects view
    • Added API to check a user’s role in a project