ITS AI Services Features & Benefits

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Our most accessible ITS AI service is U-M GPT, a tool that provides access to popular hosted AI models such as Azure OpenAI and U-M open-source large language models.

  • User-friendly interface that allows faculty, staff, and students to engage in chat-based queries and benefit from the expertise of GenAI technology.
  • U-M GPT enhances teaching, learning, research, and collaboration, providing a valuable and equitable resource for the entire university community.
  • U-M GPT has been designed to be accessible, including for use with screen readers.  

U-M Maizey:

U-M Maizey is a tool that allows U-M faculty, staff, and students to enrich their GenAI experience based on a custom dataset they provide. Leveraging the power of AI, U-M Maizey can help you query and question datasets to design helper tools, extract valuable insights, discover patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of the data. It is important to note that U-M Maizey is a new technology and we are looking forward to working with you to improve it. 

  • Create an experience relevant to you based on your data.
  • Share your U-M Maizey environment with active members of the U-M community. 
  • U-M Maizey requires a valid shortcode and is available at no cost through the Summer term, 2024. 

U-M GPT Toolkit:

U-M GPT Toolkit is our most advanced and flexible service offering. It is designed for those who
require full control over their AI environments and models. At launch, the API gateway is available
upon request. 

  • Complete control over AI environments and models through access to API Gateway.
  • Hosting support from ITS.