Getting Started with ITS AI Services


Important: As with any Generative AI service, U-M GPT may occasionally produce inaccurate information. You should evaluate any results from your use of the service for accuracy and appropriateness for your use case.

Log in to U-M GPT with your uniqname and UMICH password, and complete Duo two-factor authentication. It is available for free to all active U-M students, faculty, and staff on all three campuses and Michigan Medicine.

U-M GPT users can generate up to 25 prompts per hour. Each question asked is considered one prompt. 

Common Tasks

Learn more about Generative AI at U-M, including information about GenAI chat prompt best practices.

U-M Maizey

Important: Users must have a valid Shortcode (six-digit code in the U-M financial system used to charge to a department/project) and be an owner of an MCommunity group in order to initiate a project in U-M Maizey. Refer to Creating, Renewing, and Deleting MCommunity Groups for more information. 

Build your own version of U-M GPT trained on your custom data set with U-M Maizey. U-M faculty, staff, and students with a valid Shortcode can create a project in U-M Maizey. 

The process for initiating a project within U-M Maizey is as follows:

  • Eligibility: U-M faculty, staff, and students (including all three campuses and Michigan Medicine) with a valid Shortcode are eligible to create a project in U-M Maizey.
  • Creating a Project: Users who meet eligibility create a project within the U-M Maizey platform with their Shortcode and a  U-M MCommunity Group. This project serves as the basis for building a customized AI chat tool.
  • Custom AI Chat Tool Creation: U-M Maizey uses the custom dataset provided by the user to train a dedicated AI chat tool. This tool is only trained on the specific data the user provides, making it tailored to their needs.
  • Unique URL Generation: Once the chatbot model is ready, a unique URL is generated.
  • ​Sharing the AI Chat Tool: Users can then share the provided unique URL with others. This URL allows anyone in the selected MCommunity Group to interact with the AI chat tool that was trained on the user's custom dataset.

Log in to the U-M Maizey platform to initiate your project and leverage AI capabilities for your specific purposes. Refer to Support for more detailed instructions on using U-M Maizey. 

U-M GPT Toolkit

Important: At this time, users must have a valid Shortcode (six-digit code in the U-M financial system used to charge to a department/project) in order to use U-M GPT Toolkit.

U-M GPT Toolkit is our most advanced and flexible service offering. It is designed for those who require full control over their AI environments and models. Access to U-M GPT Toolkit requires consultation with the ITS AI Services team and will contain a cost. Request a consultation for U-M GPT Toolkit.