ITS AI Services Data Sources

U-M Maizey

U-M Maizey offers a way to index data from other sources. Data indexing can enhance search functionality and enable access to your most relevant information.

Known file types supported in U-M Maizey include: .txt, .html, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, .xlsxl, .pptx, .md. Other file types may work, but have not been tested.

Eligible faculty, staff, and students on all three campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint) and Michigan Medicine can use Maizey to index data from the following sources:

  • U-M Google
    • Only top-level folders for which you are an owner can be indexed. No Shared Drives.
  • Dropbox
    • Any top-level folders you can view can be indexed.
  • U-M Canvas (Ann Arbor campus only. Dearborn and Flint campuses coming soon)
    • Course Announcements, Assignments, Files, Lecture Recordings,¬†unlocked Modules, and Pages can be indexed.
  • Public web links

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