U-M Zoom May Summary of New Features



  • Cloud recording support for sign language interpretation

Hosts can enable their cloud recordings to capture sign language interpretation as an additional video file and view option when watching the recording. Learn more about using sign language interpretation in a meeting or webinar.

  • Auto-start captions when joining meetings and webinars

Meeting participants and webinar attendees can select to have automated captioning automatically appear if captions are available in the meeting or webinar. You can find this setting (“Always show captions”) under Accessibility in your Zoom desktop client settings. Learn more about viewing captions in a meeting or webinar.

  • Enhanced caption customization options

You can now customize the width of captions in a meeting or webinar.

  • Raise hand enhancements

A new notification will appear for hosts when a participant has raised their hand. The notification gives them the option to immediately open the Participants panel and take action, such as requesting the participant to unmute and ask their question. Learn more about raising your hand in meetings and webinars.

  • Additional Gallery view sorting options

Hosts can now sort the order of video tiles in Gallery view, choosing from options including sorting by first name, last name, and meeting entry time. Learn more about setting a custom Gallery view order.

  • Retain chat messages from breakout rooms

When using the new meeting chat experience, you can view the main meeting chat message history when you join a breakout room and also view breakout room chat history when you return to the main meeting. Previously, the new meeting chat experience did not support messages following in and out of breakout rooms. Learn more about saving in-meeting chat.

Note: Zoom does not visually differentiate which chats are from breakout rooms and which are from the main meeting.

  • Immersive view enhancements

There are two new enhancements for immersive view:

  • Show participant names: Participants’ display names are now included when placed into immersive view.
  • Screen sharing layouts: When a participant begins sharing their screen, the immersive view will shift to provide space for the shared content to be viewed in a modified layout. Previously, starting a screen share caused the immersive view to stop for everyone.

Learn more about immersive view.

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