U-M Zoom Training

Note: Refer to the Zoom Support page for links to instructions and instructional videos. 

Zoom Live Training Webinars

Zoom hosts free and interactive live training webinars daily. Refer to Live Training Webinars to register for a live webinar. When registering, be sure to select the appropriate timezone.

U-M Zoom Training Slides and Recordings

The U-M Zoom team created the following standard Zoom trainings and are specific to the U-M community's needs. Refer to our playlist of all U-M Zoom recorded training sessions or the individual links below.

Trainers: The U-M Zoom training slides laid out below are available for you to offer your own Zoom trainings to your department. These trainings have been thoroughly vetted for accuracy. As such, you are welcome to customize the trainings to your needs by making a copy, but please ensure that information you provide does not conflict with information in these trainings and/or on the U-M Zoom service site.

Part I: Getting Started with Zoom

Audience: Anyone in the University of Michigan community. (Note that there are different trainings by type of user in Zoom below.)

Part II: In-Meeting Controls

Audience: Anyone in the University of Michigan community.

Part III: Settings and Security

Audience: Anyone in the University of Michigan community.

Special Topics: Using Zoom in Canvas

Audience: Instructors who are teaching using Zoom in Canvas. (Also appropriate for Blackboard users, but the content is Canvas-focused.)

Special Topics: Polling and Breakout Rooms

Audience: Anyone in the University of Michigan community.