Zoom Training

Note: Please also see the Getting Started page and Common Tasks page for links to instructions and instructional videos. 

Zoom Live Training Webinars

Zoom hosts free and interactive live training webinars daily. See Live Training Webinars to register for a live webinar. When registering, be sure to select the appropriate time zone.

Comprehensive Training Recordings

U-M Zoom Training Series Recordings

Zoom Trainings

  • Zoom for Education Training (72 minute Zoom and U-M video)
    Custom training session offered by Zoom for U-M on March 19, 2020 for users in regular U-M Zoom (non-HIPAA Zoom).
  • Zoom for Health at U-M Training (60 minute Zoom and U-M video)
    Custom training session offered by Zoom for U-M on April 2, 2020 for users in Zoom for Health at U-M (HIPAA Zoom).
  • Zoom Meetings for Education (Students & Educators) (45 minute Zoom video)
    Discover the power of virtual teaching and learning in the Zoom classroom. Zoom covers the steps and best practices from two points of view: student (downloading the app then joining and participating in the class), and teacher (scheduling, joining, hosting, and in-meeting tools).

U-M Zoom Training Slides and Recordings

The following standard Zoom trainings were created by the ITS Zoom team and are specific to the U-M community's needs.

Trainers: The following U-M Zoom training slides are available for you to offer your own Zoom trainings to your department. These trainings have been thoroughly vetted for accuracy. As such, you are welcome to customize the trainings to your needs by making a copy, but please ensure that information you provide does not conflict with information in these trainings and/or on the ITS Zoom website.

Part I: Getting Started with Zoom

  • Audience: Any U-M community member (note different trainings by Zoom account below)
  • Recommended Prerequisite: None--this is for new users
  • Recommended Next Steps: Part II: In-Meeting Controls
  • Watch a Recording of Part I: Getting Started with Zoom from ITS Trainers
  • Select training slides by primary audience: regular U-M Zoom users or Zoom for Health at U-M users)
    • Access your U-M Zoom account
    • Test audio and video
    • Join a meeting
    • Schedule and start a meeting (Zoom web app)
    • Install the Zoom for G Suite add-on (regular U-M Zoom training) or Install the Outlook plug-in (Zoom for Health training)
    • Regular U-M Zoom vs Zoom for Health at U-M

Part II: In-Meeting Controls

Part III: Settings and Security

Special Topics: Using Zoom in Canvas

  • Audience: Instructors who are teaching using Zoom in Canvas (also appropriate for Blackboard users, but content is Canvas-focused)
  • Recommended Prerequisite: Part III: Settings and Security
  • Recommended Next Steps: For Zoom for Health users, also see Special Topics: Teaching in Zoom for Health Tips and Tricks
  • Watch a Recording of Using Zoom in Canvas from ITS Trainers
  • Using Zoom in Canvas training slides
    • Adding the Zoom integration to your Canvas course
    • Scheduling a Zoom course meeting
    • Student experience
    • Creating polls
    • Pulling reports (attendance, poll)
    • Posting recordings for students to view
    • Coordinating with instructional teams

Special Topics: Teaching in Zoom for Health Tips and Tricks

Special Topics: Polling and Breakout Rooms