Teaching with Zoom

If you are new to the U-M community or new to Zoom, it is important that you follow the directions on the Getting Started page. To get the most out of the information on this page, you need to have basic knowledge of using Zoom, as well as have activated your U-M Zoom account.

In addition to the information in this section, we recommend you also refer to Participating in Meetings and Webinars, Hosting Meetings and Webinars, and How to Secure Meetings.

Table of Contents

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

  • Zoom for Students (13-minute video)
    • Downloading the Zoom application
    • Joining a Zoom Meeting
    • Test your Audio and Video
    • Use nonverbal feedback and reactions
    • Share your screen
    • Send a chat
    • Tips for success when learning over Zoom
  • Zoom For Teaching Workshop Recording (1 hour 40 minute U-M video)
    • Controls/Settings
    • Managing Participants
    • Screen Sharing
    • Polls/Recordings/Breakout Rooms
    • Web Portal Management
    • Zoom Canvas Integration

Outside the Classroom

How to use Waiting Rooms to Manage Office Hours & Drop-In Visitor Times (5-minute video)

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