Zoom in Canvas and Blackboard

Note: The Zoom integration in Canvas and Blackboard works the same regardless of whether it is being used through Ann Arbor Canvas, Dearborn Canvas, Flint Blackboard, etc. The only differences are how to add Zoom to your course, and how to view the student view of the integration.


  • Zoom in Canvas and Blackboard Tutorial (10-minute Zoom video)
    • This video shows Canvas, but most of the content is the same for Blackboard.
    • Scheduling meetings (Canvas or Blackboard)
    • Viewing attendance reports (Canvas or Blackboard)
    • Managing recordings (Canvas or Blackboard)
    • Student view of Zoom Canvas integration (Canvas only) Notes: students in U-M environments will not see an option to schedule a meeting. Students do not need Zoom accounts to access the integration.
  • Scheduling and Launching Zoom within Canvas (9-minute U-M video)

Canvas-Specific Information

Setting Up Zoom in Canvas

Blackboard-Specific Information

Learn about using Blackboard at University of Michigan-Flint

Using the Zoom integration in Canvas or Blackboard

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