Are U-M Zoom Rooms Right for You?

U-M Zoom Rooms is a complementary service to the ITS Audiovisual Service (ITS A/V). The information below will help you decide which service is a better fit for your needs, as each specialize in different needs.

U-M Zoom Rooms are a good fit if you:

  • Have a standard conference room
  • Want a one-touch-start meeting experience using Zoom
  • Prefer a self-serve DIY approach
    • Pre-configured hardware and software package ready to run out of the box
    • Will complete install yourself
    • Will provide support for users in your conference room

The ITS Audiovisual service can help with custom and complex needs:

  • Consult on specific audiovisual needs and options.
  • Provide physical installation and setup services.
  • Ongoing professional AV engineering support.

Find more information about the ITS Audiovisual service.