U-M Zoom Rooms Tips & Best Practices

Scheduling and Calendaring

Meeting Controls

  • If the host is not present and another participant presses Start Meeting, the Zoom Room will assume the host role.
  • For any mission-critical meetings, screen share and connect by plugging in a physical HDMI cable vs. using the wireless connection. (This helps prevent WiFi latency issues).
  • When screen sharing in a U-M Zoom Rooms Conference Room, it is best for the presenter to look at their laptop display instead of the U-M Zoom Rooms presentation screen to avoid issues with display lag.
  • When using U-M Zoom Rooms, it is best practice to chat with meeting participants using another chat tool such as U-M Slack (instead of using the Zoom Meeting Chat). This ensures that the chat and any sent links are easier to access for all meeting participants and the chat will be persistent after the meeting ends (Zoom Meeting Chat is also not visible to newcomers in the meeting).