U-M Zoom Rooms FAQ

Can I try a U-M Zoom Room?

Yes. Contact [email protected] to schedule an in-person demo.

Can I use this service in classrooms?

No. We are designing this to meet the immediate needs in conference rooms. Classrooms are out of scope for the service.

What if I want to use a different Zoom Rooms hardware solution?

We are only supporting pre-vetted, standardized hardware.

What calendar platforms will be supported?

Google Calendar is supported. Discussions with HITS about Outlook Calendar are in progress.

Can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a U-M Zoom Room?

Yes, U-M Zoom Rooms can join 3rd party meetings including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex and more. 

Can I have a license only and not the rest of the service?

No. A key objective is to help provide a consistent experience across the university.

Will the service include hardware installation in my conference room?

No. The Zoom Rooms service does not include hardware installation.

Can I call a SIP/H323 endpoint from a U-M Zoom Room?

Yes. For more information, see the article "Enable Telephone Functionality in U-M Zoom Rooms".

Can we customize the signage content?

Yes, Zoom Room displays can be customized to display department or personal content during their idle periods. This requires a separate subscription to ITS Digital Signage service.