U-M Zoom Room Cost & Support Expectations

Hardware Costs

The initial price for hardware packages are as follows. Additional details will be available on the Tech Shop website soon. See Hardware Specifications for details.

License Costs

U-M Zoom Rooms require an active license to operate. The Zoom Rooms license is purchased as part of a package with hardware and then automatically renewed annually. The current Zoom Rooms licensing cost is $255 per year and prorated daily starting the day that each Zoom Rooms license is activated through the March 21. Purchasing a package commits you to annual licensing renewals through March 2024.

Primary Support

For the majority of users, the U-M Zoom Rooms service offers a streamlined “plug and play” experience — you simply need to follow the provided instructions to install the purchased equipment in your conference room and turn it on.

Note that you are responsible for mounting any equipment such as the display television and soundbar.

If you require additional support, please route accordingly:

Each unit that purchases U-M Zoom Rooms is responsible for providing first-level support to users of the system in their conference room. After troubleshooting, if the unit contact for the room still needs help to resolve an issue, they can contact the ITS Zoom Rooms support group.