Zoom Rooms at U-M

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Zoom Rooms is a software-based conference room system that provides a streamlined experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing using the Zoom platform. Users of a Zoom Room can launch scheduled Zoom meetings with a single press of a button. This makes it easy to combine in-person and virtual guests in a simple, no-hassle hybrid meeting experience.

U-M Zoom Rooms provides an affordable and easy-to-use conference room experience that seamlessly connects with Zoom meetings.

The ITS service for U-M Zoom Rooms provides:

  • Zoom Rooms software licensing and hardware at affordable prices negotiated in bulk for the University overall.
  • Pre-configured hardware and software packages that are easy to install and set up.
  • Ongoing Zoom Rooms software maintenance with new vendor releases and automatic updates.
  • A single consistent set of configurations across all Zoom Rooms deployed for U-M.

The ITS service for U-M Zoom Rooms is designed for installation and use in U-M unit and department conference rooms; U-M Zoom Rooms is not available for other use cases, such as classrooms. Each unit is responsible for installing the Zoom Rooms equipment in their conference room and providing first-level support to their users.

Existing conference room systems can be used to connect to Zoom meetings, but a license is required, and there are limited features. (See further information on using Zoom Rooms with existing conference room systems.)


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