Audiovisual (AV) Service

Audiovisual (AV) systems in U-M conference rooms tend to come in many types, with different equipment and varying levels of support from vendors. ITS can help.

Our goal is to help units design and build sensible AV solutions that are cost-effective, consistent from room to room, and integrated with U-M infrastructure. ITS provides a consistent and intuitive audiovisual experience, based around the Zoom Rooms conference room system and complementary components.

Benefits to Campus

  • Convenient and consistent AV experience
  • Expert consultation and recommendations tailored to each installation
  • Training and instruction for unit staff
  • Ongoing support including bugs fixes, security patches, and monitoring
  • Responsive service on the Ann Arbor campus
  • Integration with U-M infrastructure

For more information, a consultation, or to tour an existing conference room on campus, contact [email protected].