About Windows updates

Microsoft requires major operating system updates to Windows every 12–18 months to receive current security patches and bug fixes. Faculty and staff with eligible computers will be notified by email when a required upgrade is available in Software Center.

Instructions for updating your Windows operating system

Windows 11 updates

Microsoft Windows 11 is available as a self-install upgrade through Software Center for compatible devices starting June 2, 2023.

All Windows 11 devices, including those that run the self-install upgrade, will also have their Microsoft Office suite upgraded to Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 has been widely used on MiWorkspace devices and is suitable for nearly all Office 2016 use cases. If you have a business requirement to use Office 2016, your device will need to remain on Windows 10.

More information about Windows 11

Windows 10 updates

Microsoft Windows 10 is supported by MiWorkspace for devices not compatible with Windows 11 or those with a business need to remain on Windows 10. Windows 10 updates can be self-installed through Software Center.

More information about Windows 10