Event Support

MiWorkspace extends event support to Zoom
In support of helping units navigate the new hybrid semester and increased reliance on virtual events, Neighborhood IT staff will provide assistance with unit-sponsored events held fully or partially in Zoom. MiWorkspace is committed to providing outstanding customer service, and to be a partner for units during the public health-informed fall semester.

The Neighborhood IT team is available to assist with unit-sponsored events. Please provide at minimum three business days’ notice for events held during business hours; and minimum six business days’ notice for after-hours or weekend events.

Request Neighborhood IT support for a unit-sponsored event.

On-campus Events

MiWorkspace provides:

  • staffing to deliver loaner IT equipment as requested, setup IT equipment ensuring operation at the start of the event, and remove IT equipment at the end of the event at no cost. (deliver, set, strike)
  • on-call assistance during the event itself at no cost.
  • onsite staffing for the duration of the event for additional fee.

MiWorkspace does not provide or operate stand-alone sound reinforcement or A/V equipment. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic may reduce MiWorkspace’s ability to support onsite events.

Virtual Events

MiWorkspace provides:

  • assistance to the event host in deciding whether a Zoom meeting or webinar is right for the event.
  • an overview of Zoom event settings with the host to ensure security and intended guest experience objectives are met.
  • support during a brief test event (up to 15 minutes) as necessary.
  • best practices and self-help documentation for meeting management.
  • staffing for the duration of the event for additional fee.

MiWorkspace support for virtual events is focused on Zoom. While limited support is available for Google Meet, Neighborhood IT staff are fully trained in Zoom to ensure the most robust support provided to the broadest audience.

Note: U-M Zoom Rooms is not included in the scope of NIT Zoom support.