• Cellular on Campus & Radio Frequencies
    While each cellular carrier owns, manages, and maintains their own networks, ITS works with carriers to maintain relationships, encourage coverage improvements where possible, and advertises new features which may improve your cellular calling experience across campus. ITS also is working to install Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to amplify emergency radio, cellular, and other radio frequencies used across campus.
  • Collaboration & Productivity
    ITS provides a variety of collaboration tools to help you work with colleagues, whether they are located across campus or across the world. Infrastructure offerings include Google at U-M, Box at U-M, Mail Routing, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Compute
    ITS provides virtualized servers with flexible management options that free you from the need to manage or administer physical servers.  Infrastructure offerings includes cloud services, Managed Operating Systems, MiDesktop, and MiServer. If you are instead seeking cloud computing options, we offer a public cloud computing service which makes it easier to consume cloud computing and integrate it with university resources. Our MiDesktop virtual desktop hosting environment provides you an easy-to-manage VDI platform with simple and secure access.
  • Data Centers
    ITS data centers centrally house compute, storage, and database equipment which hosts research, teaching, clinical, and administrative data. Campus data centers managed by ITS Infrastructure include the Michigan Academic Computing Center and Modular Data Center.
  • Databases
    Infrastructure offers the MiDatabase managed database on a virtual server. Supported platforms include Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. Infrastructure monitors, patches, and backs up your database so you can focus on managing your own data and applications.
  • Network 
    ITS network services connect campus to WiFi, university networks, and internet. We also design and maintain the university’s communication backbone, connecting the university to external education and research networks nationally and around the globe.
  • Storage
    ITS storage hosts unit and central research, teaching, clinical, and administrative data. Infrastructure storage offerings include AFS, MiBackup, and MiStorage. 
  • Television & Video Streaming
    ITS Infrastructure delivers television content to campus buildings, residence halls, and the Northwood Community Apartments. 2016-17 academic year television offerings include: cable television, Philo Internet Television, and Xfinity on Campus. ITS Infrastructure also offers a Video Streaming service that broadcasts campus events in real time to viewers across campus and across the globe.
  • Telephone
    While the communication industry is changing rapidly, ITS telephone services are still essential to university business. We provide services such as traditional and IP voice, voicemail, operators, directory information, audio conferencing, IP fax, contact centers, and others.
  • Videoconferencing
    ITS provides a variety of conferencing solutions to help campus collaborate with colleagues, whether they are located across campus or across the world. Infrastructure offerings include Blue Jeans, Videoconferencing Room Systems, and Videoconferencing Robots.
  • Web Hosting
    Web hosting services provide campus access to unit or individual web applications without needing to download, install, and maintain additional hardware and software. Infrastructure offerings include Departmental and Individual Web Hosting.