Business Services Rates & Charges


Fiscal Year 2024 Rate Changes

Annual Rates

Some services are billed annually as part of the ITS Rates Letter (e.g., Network Core). Units receive their rates letter in late fall/early winter with a complete list of the services they subscribe to, and information about the annual rate for each. 

Monthly Recurring Charges

Other services have a monthly recurring charge (MRC) (e.g., Telephone Line Rates). For specific MRCs by service, reference the MRC tab in the Fiscal Year 2024 Rate Changes spreadsheet.

Time & Materials and One-Time Charges

Small, medium, and large construction projects, renovations, enhancement, or repairs generate time & materials charges for units.

  • Large, Medium, and Small projects driven through Architecture, Engineering, and Construction will be a partnership between the unit, AEC Project Management, and ITS Infrastructure Project Management.
  • Unit renovations, adds, moves, and changes (over 10 locations) should be coordinated through your unit’s ITS Infrastructure Project Manager who will coordinate project estimating, design, engineering, implementation, and other tasks.
  • Adds, moves, changes under 10 locations can be requested through the Service Request System (SRS).

Project Estimates

Your ITS Infrastructure Project Manager can provide estimates for large, medium, and small projects, unit renovations, and enhancement requests. They will include equipment, One Time Charges, and Labor rates for the work. For a list of One Time Charges (OCC) and Labor Rates, reference the OCC and Labor tabs in the Fiscal Year 2024 Rate Changes spreadsheet.

For an initial estimate of small adds, moves, and changes use the Order Estimator Tool. A more specific estimate will be provided when an order is placed.

Note: A $50 service order fee is applied to all small, medium, and large T&M projects. This resets the billing, configuration, and tracking work done to ensure ITS Infrastructure has an accurate current state for the equipment that is in your building.

Progressive Billing of Project Work Orders

Project Work Order labor, materials, and one-time charges will be billed in the billing cycle in which they are incurred. Equipment charges for special order items will be applied when the order is placed with the vendor.

Project Cost Emails

Email messages are sent monthly to Department ID Managers and Order Contacts with a month-by-month accounting of labor, materials, and one-time charges billed to date. A final email will be sent when the project is closed with a summary of all charges.

Note: ITS Infrastructure does not pre-bill units for project costs. Units have the option of setting aside dollars for projects using the Departmental Equipment Fund through the university.