Rates & Service Expectations

Below is a complete list of ITS Infrastructure services, rates, and service level expectations.

  • Service names link to additional information about the service, where available
  • Rates link to individual rate pages, where available
  • Service Level Expectations (SLE)/Service Agreements (SA) link to documents which provide clarity for campus units and IT professionals, as well as ITS staff by clearly articulating the nature of the service and commitments ITS is making. Specifics include: availability, performance, response times for issues, provisioning, support models, and clarification of unit vs. ITS roles.
Service Rates SLE/SA
10 Gigabit Ethernet Connection Rates  
Amazon Web Services Rates SLE
BlueJeans Funding Model SLE
Box at U-M   SLE
Cabling Rates  
Call Usage Rates SLE
Centrex Rates SLE
Contact Centers Rates SLE
Core Network (Backbone) Funding Model SLE
SA (Campus)
SA (Off Campus)
Core Network Circuit Rates  
Data Centers Rates (MACC) SLE
Desktop Backup Rates  
Enterprise Data Services    
Faculty & Staff Telephone   SLE
Fiber Lease Rates  
Google at U-M    
Google Cloud Platform Rates  
In-building Networks   SLE
Internet (Included in Core Network) SLE
ITS Infrastructure Labor Rates  
ITS Infrastructure Line Installation/Activation Rates SA
ITS Infrastructure Processing Rates  
Live Event Streaming Rates SLE
Cloud Computing    
MiBackup Rates SLE
Microsoft Azure Rates  
MiDatabase Rates SLE
MiDesktop Rates  
MiNet Backbone and Circuit Rates  
MiServer Rates SLE
MiStorage Rates SLE
Point to Point Circuit Rates  
Telephone Features Rates SLE
Television (Cable) Rates SLE
Unit Network Infrastructure Maintenance   SA
Voicemail Rates SLE
VoIP Telephone Rates SLE
Web Hosting SLE