Service Request System

The Service Request System (SRS) allows authorized users to place orders and view reports for ITS Infrastructure products and services.

Common Tasks

The SRS is designed for the following routine orders (under 10 items) such as:

  • Phone & Data Lines (activate, move, disconnect phone and data lines, including softphones)
  • Phone Settings & Features (change phone features, restrictions, phone sets, etc.)
  • Billing & Calling Codes (request and cancel Auth codes, CMC codes)
  • Video Lines (activate and disconnect video lines)
  • Equipment (network cables, phones, handsets, cords, and accessories)

Large or complex orders (greater than 10 items) require units to work with the ITS Infrastructure Project Manager for that unit.


For more information about SRS reports, see Reports & Reconciliation Tools.


Information about the SRS and how to use it is built in and found throughout the system. Below are some supplemental pages: