Service Request System (SRS)

IT Service Solutions

The Service Request System (SRS) offers integrated, all-in-one solutions for ordering, billing and managing IT services in the U-M community including:

  • ITS telecommunications
    • Phone and Data Lines (activate, move, disconnect phone and data lines, including softphones)
    • Phone Settings and Features (change phone features, restrictions, phone desk sets, etc.)
    • Billing and Calling Codes (request and cancel Auth codes, CMC codes)
    • Video Lines (activate and disconnect video lines)
    • Equipment (network cables, phones, handsets, cords, and accessories)
  • Other ITS services such as MiBackup, MiStorage, Turbo Research Storage, Locker Storage, Data Den, MiServer, and MiDatabase.
  • Reporting services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), CrashPlan, Container Services, and GitHub.

Note: Large or complex orders (greater than 10 items) require units to work with the ITS Infrastructure Project Manager for that unit.

For additional, flexible IT Service solutions not mentioned above, please contact the Information Services Manager, Jared Walfish.

Comprehensive, Detailed Reporting

The reports and reconciliation tools we provide enhance and simplify your ability to validate your data, automate your processes and manage departmental authorization. For descriptions of SRS reports, see Reports & Reconciliation Tools.