Infrastructure Forms

Below is a complete list of ITS Infrastructure forms. Form names link to:

  • Service Request System (SRS) for requests that need to be entered in that system.
  • Web requests that will be routed to teams for follow up.
  • Excel or PDF forms for items that need to be filled out manually and routed back to ITS Infrastructure Customer Service or Plant Operations for processing.
Form Service Customer Group
Exchange Email & Calendar Requests Collaboration Faculty/Staff
Desktop Backup Service Requests Collaboration Faculty/Staff
Telephone Service Requests Telephone Faculty/Staff
Voice Mail Service Requests Telephone Faculty/Staff
Network/ISDN Service Requests Network Faculty/Staff
Firewall Change Request Form Network Faculty/Staff
Order Estimator Tool Telephone & Network Faculty/Staff
Television Service Requests Television Faculty/Staff
Live Event Streaming Request Video Faculty/Staff
Plant Operations Conduit Service Request Conduit Faculty/Staff
Opt-In General Phone Service for Residence Hall Students Telephone Students
  • Make sure that forms requiring an Authorized Signer, Chartfields and/or Shortcodes have the information completed before submission.
  • Telephone orders for the University of Michigan Health System should be submitted through the AT&T Managed Care Service Group at 800-498-4858.