WiFi Standards & Security

All wireless networks provided by U-M are part of the university’s technology environment. You must be authorized to use these resources, and as an authorized user you implicitly agree to abide by the highest standards of responsibility to campus. You are required to comply with all university policies, as well as state and federal laws concerning the appropriate use of technology. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary or legal action. For more information, review the U-M Standard Practice Guide Policy 601.07 - Responsible Use of Information Resources.

WiFi Security on Campus

Members of the campus community are strongly urged to use an encrypted WiFi network when working on campus. MWireless and eduroam provide strong encryption.

You are also encouraged to install the latest antivirus software and security patches on your devices.

Learn more about securing your devices on the Safe Computing site.

WiFi Security off Campus

When using a wired or wireless connection from an off-campus location to connect to a university network, you can increase the security of your connection by using the University of Michigan's Virtual Private Network (VPN).