Exterior WiFi

ITS provides exterior WiFi options for the UM-Ann Arbor campus. If you are considering exterior WiFi, contact your ITS Project Manager as early in the process as possible. Some options require wiring choices that should be considered prior to the electrical design of the lighting in the exterior area.  All proposed permanent alterations must go through the Exterior Elements Review Committee (EERC).

ITS currently has three exterior WiFi options:

Light Pole Exterior: Depending on the area,  building the exterior access points on a light pole is ITS’ preferred solution.

Light Pole Exterior

Building Mounted: Building mounted WiFi comes in two varieties. One scenario involves mounting an outdoor rated access point to the exterior of the building. Outdoor rated access points are resistant to wider temperature ranges, weather and UV rays. The alternate type of installation uses a standard access point mounted inside the building that connects to an exterior facing antenna mounted outside the building. The photos below show an interior AP connected to an exterior mounted antenna.

Building Mounted

Cabinet: Involves building a cabinet with access points on the inside. Example is the Diag Board.


The decision of which of these options will work for a particular space will be made between the unit, EERC, and ITS Network Engineering. As all options include a custom construction process, the Plant Department may need to be involved in the process. Contact your ITS Project Manager for possible options and for assistance with negotiating with the EERC. Plant Department would be involved in this process, both to construct the cabinet and to bring an underground pathway to the cabinet. Depending upon the location, electricity may also be needed in the cabinet.