Shared Devices on MWireless

About Shared Devices on MWireless

The new WiFi that ITS installed enables connection by a number of devices that we weren’t able to connect in the past. These devices are typically consumer grade and intended to be shared with a few others. The devices provide capabilities such as screen sharing, printing and smart speaker/assistant.

Many of these devices were designed for small home networks and marketed in many different ways such as, Screen Sharing, Bonjour, Screen Casting and Zero Configuration. The benefit is that users do not need to know or do much other than connect the device to WiFi. ​The problem is that while these devices are convenient on a home network, the way these devices connect does not scale to a massive WiFi network like MWireless. For example, imagine a student connecting an Apple TV or Amazon Echo in her dorm room and everyone else on MWireless can see it.

Our new WiFi network enables us to limit the number of people who can see these devices to just those who are near it.

Please submit a request to register a device or ask further questions.

Supported Devices

Apple TV

Apple TV is the first such device that will now be able to connect to MWireless. Its AirPlay capability allows users to wirelessly share their device’s screen via a classroom projector or conference room display.

U-M staff and faculty members using MWireless network can connect their IOS devices (Apple MacBook, iPad, or iPhone) to AppleTV to display content from their devices in conference rooms and classrooms with no (zero) configuration. People who use Windows PC or any other non-Apple devices will need to download and install special software to project content from their devices. They may contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

For more information about connecting an Apple TV, see:

How to Connect your Device to Apple TV in Classroom

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Future Plans

Over time, ITS will expand the number of devices that can connect. These are devices we are looking into:​

  • Amazon Echo
  • DIAL (Streaming devices such as, Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV)