Personal WiFi Routers

Wireless electronic devices designed for home use do not always work with large, enterprise networks like the university has created. The Device Compatibility Guide provides information about which electronic devices can be connected to the campus network and information about how to connect them.

Important: Please refrain from using personal WiFi routers or hotspots.

Enterprise WiFi networks, like the one deployed on campus, require careful coordination and cooperation to provide quality service. Network engineers design and operate the WiFi networks in each building to allow multiple Access Points (APs) to work together to provide a reliable and stable environment.

Personal WiFi routers or hotspots significantly and negatively impact the reliability and stability of the university WiFi environment. They cause the campus WiFi network to deteriorate, create radio frequency (RF) noise, and in some cases make it unusable by others around you.

RF noise can also come from cordless phones, microwave ovens, and certain printers, projectors, and other WiFi enabled devices. This is why some devices that can be used wirelessly at home may require a hard-wired connection on campus or not be able to connect to the university network.

If you have a situation that you believe requires a personal access point, please contact the ITS Service Center.