UMnet Backbone Standard Service Agreement (SA)

University of Michigan
Information Technology and Services

Last Update: October 24, 2011

In providing communications systems, ITS:

  1. In collaboration with campus groups such as the U-M Network Working Group, U-M Network Strategy Group, U-M Video Group, MACC Operations Group and etc., ITS works to define campus architecture and technical infrastructure standards in the areas of networking, telecommunications, video, and data centers.
  2. Receives feedback and suggestions from these groups as well as from individual U-M faculty, staff and students via ITS staff who have relationships with individuals within campus units, are members of collaborative work groups, or via online feedback and survey mechanisms.
  3. Staff maintain technical expertise in one or more areas so that the networking, telecommunications, video, and data center infrastructure needs received and gathered from campus; including needs of U-M's academic, research and business arenas that are unique or specialized, so that campus needs can be fully researched, analyzed and met in a manner that delivers the highest quality service in the most cost effective method possible.
  4. Collaborates with campus to provide technical leadership by combining input and analysis to articulate, recommend, develop and deploy networking, telecommunications, video and data center infrastructure and services that not only supports U-M campus needs today but also positions U-M for continued research, teaching, learning and business leadership in the future.
  5. Represents this information to the various U-M IT governance bodies and executive officers.
  6. Installs, operates and maintains the agreed upon infrastructure.

1.0 Overview

This Service Agreement (SA) is between ITS and a campus unit or units. Under this SA, ITS agrees to provide, at the rates and for the duration specified, an attachment to an interconnecting UMnet Backbone for data services for the Access Layers Switches (ALs) of the Units and their departments of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. This product is available to attach Access Layer Switches (ALs) in buildings that are connected by the ITS fiber infrastructure as described in the Inter building Fiber SA.

This SA also covers performance, reliability, other topics pertinent to the UMnet Backbone and Backbone Services; in particular, it lists key responsibilities of ITS and the campus unit.

The UMnet Backbone and Backbone Services are comprised of the Backbone Core, Distribution Layer (in Data Center and Buildings), all interconnecting links, DNS and DHCP Infrastructure, WiFi Controllers, Captive Portals, RADIUS infrastructure and Research Network.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this SA is to establish a cooperative partnership between the campus unit and ITS by clarifying roles, setting rates and expectations, and providing mechanisms for resolving problems.

3.0 Funding of Services

Service charges are detailed in Appendix A. These will be reviewed annually. The billing for these rates will appear on the service unit billing statement.

4.0 Terms of Agreement

This SA is for one (1) year, July 1 – June 30. If ITS finds it necessary to alter this service level agreement it will notify campus units six (6) months prior to the date the change takes effect.

In the rare case that a department has needs not covered in this SA, a custom SA can be negotiated between ITS and the unit. The custom SA will need to be signed by both parties before it is put into effect.

5.0 ITS Responsibilities

Specific to this SA, ITS shall:


Evaluate, engineer, purchase, install, and maintain the following:

  • UMnet Backbone Core routers and interconnecting links.
  • UMnet Distribution Layer Switches (DLs) each building and connections to their connections to the Backbone Core.
  • Connection(s) from the UMnet Backbone and the UMBIN for external connectivity.
  • U-M WiFi Infrastructure, consisting of but not limited to, WiFi controllers, captive portals and authentication infrastructure.
  • DNS and DHCP infrastructure and administration interface.
  • RADIUS Authentication infrastructure.
  • Research Network.


Support the following protocols on the UMnet Backbone: IPv4, IPv4 Multicast, IPv6 and IPv6 Multicast.


Provide programming and network administration support necessary to install and maintain the UMnet Backbone infrastructure hardware and software, as covered by this agreement.


Maintain the UMnet Backbone service in such a way that it will not be a bottleneck in accessing the Internet.


Departmental LAN Switches (ALs) can be attached to the DLs in the building they reside.


Departmental WiFi Access Points (APs) can be attached to the WiFi Controllers as deemed appropriate by ITS.


Provide an interface such that Departmental Administrators are able to administer the IP blocks and DNS Domains assigned to them by ITS.


Support the following SSIDs on WiFi infrastructure: MWireless, U-M Wireless Network, MGuest. Other SSIDs provided as warranted.


Provide necessary supplies for the operation of the UMnet Backbone infrastructure and services.


Facilitate unit requested changes to the supported protocols on the UMnet Backbone interface, for example the enabling of IPv4 Multicast.


Keep the Network Administrators informed of UMnet Backbone status. This will be done via email if there is a change, and this notification will be done within two hours of any change.


In the event of problems with individual Distribution Layer switches, keep the Network Administrators informed of the status. This will be done via the contact mechanisms outlined in the Net Info Databases.


Provide performance measurements as detailed in section 7.1 and 7.2. This information will be available via the web at Network Tools.


Provide a 24 hour per day, 365 days per year (24 x 365) method for users of the connected networks to determine if there is a problem with UMnet Backbone connectivity, and if so, where. Users will be able to check the web page, Network Tools, for real-time status of the UMnet Backbone.


Provide 24 x 365 monitoring and maintenance of the hardware and supported protocols on the following:

  • Backbone Core
  • Building Distribution Layer Switches.
  • Connection between the Distribution Layer switches and the department LAN switches.
  • WiFi Infrastructure.
  • DNS and DHCP infrastructure.
  • RADIUS Authentication infrastructure.
  • Research Network.


Provide the unit with IP address space to accommodate the demonstrated needs of the unit. ITS reserves the right to reclaim address space if doing so will not compromise the growth of the departmental network.


Diagnose all reported UMnet Backbone network problems.

6.0 Unit Responsibilities

Unit shall:


Submit a Service Order to ITS with an authorized signature. Provide the name of the person who will be the contact for the installation and name of the Network Administrator who will be the contact for ongoing maintenance. This information is maintained in the Net Info Databases. For updates to the UMnet Net info databases the listed network administrator should send an email to [email protected]


Maintain their LAN(s) such that it does not compromise the performance or integrity of the UMnet Backbone.


Provide support to the users of this service. Including, but not limited to the following:

  • First-level, network support for service users.
  • Distribution of software specific to network use.
  • Distribution of applicable documentation for this service.
  • Readily available training in the use of the service.
  • Documentation covering security and the proper use of this service.


Track user data and administer services, including IP addresses and DNS services, resolve conflicts between users, and correlate IP addresses to individual machines. Provide ITS with electronic access to DNS and IP address information 24 x 365.


In consultation with others, as necessary, handle violations of Proper Use Policy, and all other applicable policies, by service users.


In consultation with others, as necessary, handle violations of system security and take appropriate security measures, including user education.


Provide to ITS the email, pager, and phone contact information for the Network Administrator and a backup administrator. There will be an indication which of these methods shall be 24 x 365, so that ITS will be able keep the network administrator informed of the status of their backbone connection. Any changes to these contact/​notification methods must be communicated to ITS via an email to [email protected], to update the Net Info Databases.


Notify ITS of any change in the Network Administrator at least one week before the change occurs, and include the name of the temporary Network Administrator. The unit will tell ITS, who the new, permanent Network Administrator is not later than one week after the new person is hired. Notification is required, via an email to [email protected], to update the Net Info Databases.


Give ITS at least two (2) hours advance notice of a change in the LAN configuration that could potentially change the state of connectivity of the equipment covered in this contract. If the Network Administrator is not sure if there will be an impact, then he/she will contact the NOC for advice. Notice must be given either by calling 647-8888, or sending email to [email protected] The unit will be responsible for any charges which are caused by the unit's failure to notify ITS.


Provide for the departmental LAN switches, support for:

  • SNMP (for standard RFC MIBs).

Topology discovery:

  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) and/or Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).


Supply ITS with realistic projected address space requirements for the next two years when requesting additional address space.


Arrange for maintenance and repair of LAN equipment.


Be responsible for any charges from ITS for diagnosing network problems that fall under the unit responsibility.

7.0 Performance Measures

Are defined below.

7.1 Backbone Technical Performance

ITS will ensure that the Backbone Infrastructure operates at industry standards. ITS will facilitate unit/​department-requested changes to the supported protocols on the Backbone interface within one (1) working day of notification via an email to [email protected] to update the Net Info Databases.

There is bandwidth to support virtually every application that uses the network in traditional ways. ITS will make upgrades to the infrastructure to retain this capability. In any case, only ITS supported technologies are covered by this SA.

ITS will make base line throughput measurements available on the web. Information will be available on the unit backbone router port, the UMnet Backbone and the U-M backbone interconnect. These measurements will be updated on a 24-hour basis. This information will be available via the web at Network Tools.

If a unit's LAN equipment compromises the performance of the UMnet Backbone infrastructure, ITS will take appropriate action to restore performance (if possible) or take other action, up to and including disconnecting service to the departmental LAN (or a subset of the departmental switches), if necessary, to maintain the Infrastructure.

In rare cases, a connection to a departmental LAN may be turned off due to a violation of University of Michigan's Proper Use Policy. The deactivation of the router port will not occur without giving advance notification to the Network Administrator. When feasible, such action will occur through mutual agreement between the unit and ITS.

7.2 Backbone Maintenance Performance

Except as covered below, ITS will ensure availability of the UMnet Backbone 24 x 365.

In general, availability will only be changed by negotiation between the unit and IT. In the rare circumstance that ITS must alter system availability, we will notify the unit as soon as possible.

Network maintenance, when required, will occur daily between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Planned maintenance, which may result in an interruption of connectivity for all units, will be restricted to Sunday mornings between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

If a unit experiences a problem with their UMnet Backbone attachment, the network administrator will contact ITS, via email at [email protected], or 647-8888. The NOC will notify the on-call technician. If on-site support is required during normal business hours (i.e., 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays), ITS will have a technician on-site of the router within 30 minutes of notification from the NOC. During non-business hours, a technician will be on-site of the router within two (2) hours.

Unscheduled downtime for any segment of the UMnet Backbone is targeted not to exceed 1% of scheduled availability during a one-year period. Emergencies (e.g., vandalism or fire) will be handled to the best of ITS' ability.

To gauge such performance, ITS will make uptime/downtime measurements available on the web. Information will be available about the unit UMnet Backbone connection, the UMnet Backbone and the U-M backbone interconnect. These measurements will be updated every 24 hours. This information will be available via the web at Network Tools.

7.3 User Perceptions of Network Performance

ITS and the unit acknowledge performance and performance measures are affected by many factors which may be difficult to define and/or anticipate due to the nature and uses of the underlying systems and clients. Further, we recognize "perceived response time" by users is a critical performance measurement. Therefore, in cases where the "perceived response time" by users becomes an issue, problems will be resolved by the procedures outlined in Section 8.0, "Problem Resolution".

8.0 Problem Resolution

To help determine the existence and scope of a possible problem, the Network Administrator may call 647-8888, or send email to [email protected]

Similarly, ITS will contact the Network Administrator to address any infrastructure problem being caused by the unit's LAN.

When performance measures do not meet the standards specified in this SA, the unit and ITS will jointly work to:

  • Identify the cause of the problem.
  • Resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If resolution is not achieved within eight (8) business hours, the unit and/or ITS will escalate the problem to the appropriate Telecom Project Manager.

If a resolution is not achieved within sixteen (16) business hours, then the signer of the Service Order and the Director of ITS Communications Systems will be notified.

9.0 Upgrades

Software and hardware upgrades are at the discretion of ITS and cover the UMnet Backbone and associated Backbone hardware. These upgrades will be made with minimal disruption of service (See Section 7).

Further upgrades to unit connections are at the discretion of the unit and at the unit's capital cost. There is no additional operational charge.

10.0 Security

ITS will provide physical security of the core UMnet Backbone. ITS will work together with units to make recommendations on appropriate steps required to provide physical security for the UMnet Backbone equipment in unit buildings.

UMnet devices are protected from network threats using industry standard best-practices while supporting unfiltered and unfettered network connectivity to units.

Network traffic to and from unit networks is not routinely inspected or altered. To address specific network-based threats or vulnerabilities, ITS works with U-M Computer and Network security organizations to determine and implement appropriate countermeasures. Network-level traffic impersonation ("source address spoofing") is uniformly disallowed using automatic methods.

ITS collects traffic profile information ("flow data") for diagnostic purposes at certain points in the UMnet Backbone. Traffic profile information only includes "header" information and does not include the content ("payload") of the traffic.

When required, ITS uses a network "sniffer" at targeted locations to look at packets on the UMnet Backbone to troubleshoot problems. These packets will be used for no other purpose.

11.0 Accountability

ITS warrants that all reasonable measures within its resources shall be taken to ensure the performance, availability, and integrity of the UMnet Backbone as covered in this agreement. ITS assumes responsibility for the hardware and software that it provides to execute this SA, as well as for the actions of ITS staff. ITS' liability for damages is limited to hardware replacement or repair, software fixes, and corrections to staff errors.

The unit agrees not to operate their LAN in a manner that compromises the UMnet Backbone or violates security or other applicable policies. The unit also assumes responsibility for any misuse of their LAN by users and will remedy any such situations.

APPENDIX A - UMnet Backbone Service Charges

The model for assessing UMnet Backbone access charges is explained at Data Network Pricing Model Detail.

Connections to UMnet Backbone Distribution Layer Switches

The point of connection for Departmental LAN Switches (ALs) are ports on the UMnet Backbone Distribution Layer Switches (DLs). There is no charge for use of available 1GE ports to connect Departmental switches. More ports or an upgrade to the DLs can be provided at a one-time, time-and-materials charge to the unit making the request.

Connection of Distribution Layer Switches to Core Switches

At this time, the standard connection between a DLs or a set of DLs and the Core is redundant 1GE connections. An increase to the bandwidth of this connection can be provided for a one-time, charge to the unit making the request. This charge includes, but is not limited to, the cost of the ports and optics on the DLs, and the cost of the ports on the Core switches. Rates for the more common upgrades can be found on the Core Network (Backbone) Circuit Rates web page. Other configurations can be provided on a time-and-materials basis.

APPENDIX B - UMnet Backbone Diagram

UMnet Backbone Diagram