Visual changes to Waiting Rooms in U-M Zoom


Zoom has updated the join experience for Waiting Rooms in an effort to reduce the number of dialog windows you encounter while joining a meeting. This change will take effect on February 1, 2023, and requires you to update your desktop app to version 5.12 or higher to notice the new experience. This change does not affect your current Waiting Room and “join before host” security settings.

Previously, you may have experienced up to three separate dialog windows while joining a meeting: Join before host, video preview, and Waiting Room. After the update, the “join before host” window (i.e., “Waiting for the host to start this meeting”) was combined with the Waiting Room window. The Waiting Room will now display the meeting’s status as either “Waiting for host to start the meeting” or “Host has joined. We’ve let them know you’re here.” In addition, the video preview and Waiting Room now give you the option to turn on/off your camera and mic.

Learn more about customizing the Waiting Room in Zoom.

Diagram comparing the old and new Zoom Waiting Room join flow