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U-M Google December and January Summary


The monthly U-M Google Summaries inform campus of Google releases for Core Apps as well as the Non-Core Apps (those that are not part of the G Suite for Education agreement.) We communicate important information on Core Apps throughout the month. Core and Non-Core Apps are listed on the G Suite website.

Core Apps

Non-Core Apps

Previously Communicated

Note: Keep in mind that even when non-core apps are found in a core app (like Google Drive), they are not covered by the G Suite for Education agreement.

New Features in Google Sheets!


Google announced new features in Google Sheets. They began rolling out today, January 24.

Pivot table updates

  • Create new ones with Explore
  • Customize row and column headings
  • Summarize values as a fraction of grand totals
  • View cell details
  • Combine groups to aggregate data
  • Repeat row labels and format in new ways

See Help Center for more details:  Customize a Pivot Table.

Suggested formulas

Using machine intelligence, full formula suggestions appear when “=” is entered in a cell.

More new Sheets features

  • Waterfall charts visualize sequential changes. Click Insert, Chart, and then choose waterfall.
  • Sheets will automatically split up fixed-width formatted data without a delimiter.

Read the full announcement on the G Suite updates blog.

Google Docs and Slides Menu Updates


Based on usage data and your feedback, Google is making some changes to the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides on the web. These are similar to some previous changes they made in early January. Among other things, these changes include:

To add a line or page break in Docs:

To add Alt text to a shape in Docs or Slides:

  • Before: Select shape > Format > Alt text. This option will be removed from the menu.
  • After: Right click on shape > Alt text. This is the new way to add alt text to a shape.
  • See Help Center for more details: Make your document or presentation accessible.

To change a shape in Slides:

  • Before: Select shape > Format > Change shape. This option will be removed from the menu.
  • After: Right click on shape > Change shape. This is the new way to change a shape.

The HTML view in Slides is being removed from the menu:

These changes will only affect the visual menu. All options will still be available via keyboard shortcuts and the search box in the Help menu. The changes will start to roll out on the UMICH domain beginning February 1, 2018.

New Collaboration Training


Working with U-M Box – ITS_BOXC100

2/2/2018 1:00-3:00; Shapiro 2054; REGISTER

(2 hrs) This hands-on instructor-led session demonstrates how to get the most out of your U-M Box account. Learn about file storage and and sharing. Find out how to set various permission levels depending on collaborators’ roles. Edit files directly from Box and send links for others to view. Bring your laptop if you would like to follow along.

Working With Google Drive – ITS_GOOC102 

2/13/18 1:00-3:00; Shapiro 2054; REGISTER

(2 hrs) Want to learn how to use Google Drive more productively? This instructor-led session will help familiarize you with the main Google Drive applications: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Participants will learn how to upload and create files, how to set permissions for files, and how to share files.

Working with the New and Improved Google Sites – ITS_GOOC104

3/9/18 2:00-3:00; WOTO – G228; REGISTER

(60 mins) Want to create websites that are easy to use but yet dynamic? This instructor-led session will help you create a basic site(s) using Google Sites. Participants will learn how to create a site by adding pages, images, text, graphics, and embed Google Documents, Sheets, Forms and other apps. This 1 hour instructor-led course is scheduled at least 3 times a year. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Google products.

Coming Soon: Changes to how you view photos and videos in Google Drive


Currently, photos and videos in Google Drive are accessed by a tab in the left navigation and from folders in My Drive.

Early in January 2018 Google will simplify Drive navigation by removing the Google Photos tab. To access your photos and videos in Drive, create a Google Photos folder in My Drive.

The Collaboration Services Team

Tip: Did you know? You can record a video meeting.
Learn more about Google at the G Suite Learning Center.