Add-ons & Apps for Google at U-M

ITS and Google only support the official mobile apps offered by Google for use with U-M Google accounts. ITS does not provide end-user support for third-party add-ons and apps other than to ensure they are available for use at U-M.

Third-party add-ons may display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, have a separate privacy policy, or retain your information. For those reasons, most add-ons within the Google Workspace Marketplace are currently deactivated for the University of Michigan domain, with the few exceptions below.  

Add-ons Available in U-M Google

The following add-ons are available in U-M Google. Their vendors provide support for the apps below.

  • Audience Connect
    Invite audiences to connect and engage with your Google Slides presentations from their phones. Note: Requires the installation of a desktop application.
  • AwesomeTable
    ​AwesomeTable lets you display a Google Sheet's content in various views: from simple tables to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card views, and more. With AwesomeTable, data in Sheets are shown more functionally and can be shared with anybody.
  • Form Notifications
    Create and configure email notifications for response thresholds and Form respondents.
  • Form Publisher 
    Form Publisher helps you automate document generation & document approval workflow of your Google Forms.
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting 
    With the Microsoft Teams Meeting add-on, you can use Microsoft Teams to quickly schedule, join, and customize meetings from Google Calendar. For more information on installing and using it, see Getting Started with the Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-on.
  • Yet Another Mail Merge
    Yet Another Mail Merge improves email quality with custom content for each entry on your mailing list. Create email campaigns with Gmail and Google Sheets, and then personalize and track each email sent. Yet Another Mail Merge is available from the add-ons menu in Google Sheets.
  • Zoom for GSuite
    With the Zoom for GSuite add-on, you can use Zoom to schedule easily, join, manage, and customize meetings from Google Mail and Google Calendar. For more information on installing and using it, see Getting Started with the Zoom for GSuite Add-on.
Note: Google Voice is not a core app and is not available in U-M Google or supported at U-M.

Add-ons vs. Extensions

An extension is something that you add to your web browser to customize your experience while browsing the web (e.g., Google Chrome). An add-on is something that you add directly to a product like Google Docs, Forms, Mail, etc., to extend these products' capabilities and functionality. Extensions do not need to be approved for use in U-M Google, whereas add-ons do. However, the same third-party warnings apply to extensions as they do add-ons, and caution should be used when installing these within your browser.