Google Shared Drives (Team Drives)

Note: Files can be moved from My Drive to Google shared drives (Team Drives), but folders cannot. We have contacted Google to express our concern. We will continue to keep the university community updated.

Google shared drives (formerly known as Team Drives) deliver security, structure, and ease-of-use by making it easy to:

  • Add new team members. Manage team members individually or with MCommunity Groups.
  • Keep track of your files if a team member leaves. Shared drives are jointly owned by the team, which means that anything added to a shared drive stays there no matter who comes or goes.
  • Understand and manage sharing permissions. Team members see the same files regardless of who adds or reorganizes them. Manage permissions for editing, commenting, reorganizing, or deleting files.

Watch a recording of the training webinar on shared drives, review our shared drives documentation, and learn more at the G Suite Learning Center.

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