U-M Google Features & Benefits

U-M Google provides the university community with various tools to improve real-time collaboration. It also includes a 250GB storage limit for all active U-M affiliates, including faculty, staff, students, and sponsored affiliates. (Alumni and retirees include a 15GB limit.)

The following Core Services are included and fully supported under U-M's contract with Google:

Additional Services, like YouTube, Maps, and Blogger, are available for use but with limited to no support. These services are not covered under U-M's contract with Google, may display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, and have a separate privacy policy.

  • When registering for an Additional Service, if you enter an age below the minimum required, your entire U-M Google account will be locked. Only Google can unlock these accounts, not the U-M Google support team.
  • Google Voice is not supported at the University of Michigan.
  • Google Pay is not supported at the University of Michigan.