• Google at U-M
    Google at U-M provides U-M faculty, staff, student, alumni, and retirees with a wide variety of tools to improve collaboration. The core tools include Mail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, Meet, and Sites.
  • Dropbox at U-M
    Dropbox at U-M is a cloud file storage option that provides automatic back-up and is readily accessible from any device.
  • Canvas
    Nearly 3,000 courses (about 64% of all U-M courses using a learning system) are using Canvas at U-M.
  • Microsoft Office 365 at U-M
    Microsoft Office 365 at U-M is available to all active U-M faculty, staff, and students. The core tools include Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
    • Microsoft Teams
      Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform offering workspace chat, videoconferencing, and file collaboration.
  • Slack at U-M
    Slack at U-M is a collaboration tool that enhances workgroup communications.
  • GitHub at U-M
    GitHub is the single largest host for Git repositories. U-M GitHub gives users access to advanced features under an enterprise license.
  • TeamDynamix
    TeamDynamix (TDX) is a web-based service management platform that provides general ticketing, approval workflows, tracking of customer requests and knowledge base articles.
  • Digital Asset Collaborative at U-M
    The Digital Asset Collaborative at U-M (DAC) service provides an enterprise tool and framework to organize, manage, and collaborate on final and approved digital assets used in marketing and communications.

Additional Information

Remote Resource Guide
If you need to connect remotely, these resources are available to help you bring your university work to you.