What We Do

Scope & Scale

We support every campus unit, as well as architects and project managers from Architecture, Engineering, and Construction to handle information technology installations for major construction and renovation projects. We also handle ongoing technology changes for smaller projects, equipment upgrades, maintenance, and repair.

Project Management

We partner with university and unit IT, financial, and facilities experts, to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on scope, and on budget. Additionally, we work to ensure that units accomplish their IT goals with the most efficient design and effective technology available for a given budget.


We deliver personalized and professional IT solutions to campus. As university employees, we understand how to work in spaces where students, faculty, and staff are teaching, learning, and working. The team has enduring and trusting relationships across all units and all levels to deliver the right technology at the right time to the right locations.


We work to provide rapid and honest customer service. Our goal is to get timely answers to units and individuals so they can make wise decisions and get back to serving the larger academic, research, administration, or clinical mission of their unit.