Monthly Billing Cycle

The ITS Infrastructure billing cycle processes changes and charges and submits them to M-Pathways.

Monthly Billing Cycle Dates

After the data has been submitted to M-Pathways, ITS Infrastructure Reports are available to the Department ID Managers via the Statement of Activity, Account Usage, and Monthly Charge Detail reports in the Service Request System (SRS).

Charges/Changes Processed Appear on Statements & OSC Reports for:
Jun 20–Jul 19 July
Jul 20–Aug 19 August
Aug 20–Sep 19 September
Sep 20–Oct 19 October
Oct 20–Nov 19 November
Nov 20–Dec 19 December
Dec 20–Jan 19 January
Jan 20–Feb 19 February
Feb 20–Mar 19 March
Mar 20–Apr 19 April
Apr 20–May 19 May
May 20–Jun 19 June
Vendor billing cycles do not always match university billing cycles. ITS passes the charges along to units when we receive detailed billing from the vendors.

Additional Information about Monthly Statements:

  • Telephone user names are based on Wolverine Access data. No Name Match on the statement indicates a phone number is not entered in Wolverine Access as a U-M Work phone number. Multiple Name Matches indicate that multiple individuals have entered the number as a U-M Work phone number.
  • Due to limitations of the .CSV file format on monthly statement we are unable to show all locations for a number if multiple locations exist. To see all locations, use the Inventory & Location Report in the Service Request System (SRS).
Note: The Online Service Center (OSC) was replaced by the Service Request System (SRS) in October 2019.